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Wondering what to pack for your upcoming beach getaway?

Our practically year-round sunny skies allow for pretty easy packing, and you'll more than likely just need warm-weather essentials. But with that being said, some of the most essential items are easily overlooked - so make sure you have these stowed away in your luggage before heading over!

1) WALKING SHOES + sandals

The walkability of Coronado is a big plus for travelers and locals alike - shops, restaurants, and residencies are all very close to each other so it usually makes sense to take a stroll down the main street as opposed to driving from store to store. And with so much to explore, you might be on your feet a lot. Keeping all of that in mind, a reliable pair of comfy walking shoes will be essential for your trip to Coronado! And, of course, bring along some sandals. Coronado is a beach community so you can easily wear these from the beach to the local restaurants and shops.


Keep sun protection a top priority while in Coronado! Between the re-applying and making sure there's enough to go around, sunscreen can get pricey. I recommend packing some from home if you already have some to cut those costs a bit. Your schedule might be busy with plans to lay on the beach, swim in the pacific, and lounge by the pools, so I would recommend bringing some along. This way, you won't have to make an extra stop to pick some up! I also like having a smaller sunscreen to toss in my bag for convenience and quick re-applications.


Sunscreen is probably not the most exciting thing, but it is essential. Luckily, a nice sun hat and sunglasses will offer up protection and let you show off some style! I personally like having a bigger sun hat for the beach/pool - if I feel like lounging it's nice to have the big hat to cover your whole face from the sun.


Coronado's laid back beachy vibe means sandals and swimsuits are always in season! The amount of water activities offered on our island means you'll definitely benefit from bringing a couple swimsuits. When figuring out how many you should bring, think about your trip itinerary. If every single day you're doing a new water activity (jet-skiing, beach, pool, hot tub, etc), I'd recommend brining more than one so your other one(s) can be washed and dried in the meantime. Cover-ups will also come in handy so you can head over to Orange Avenue and grab some food after the beach. You could definitely bring your regular clothes to change into, but cover-ups generally take up less space in your beach bag and you don't have to worry about getting your cover-up wet and sandy.


I would highly recommend bringing any sort of re-usable water bottle with you, even if it's just a plastic one you plan on re-filling. Depending on where you're at on island , the price of a disposable water bottle can really be hiked up and having to re-purchase them can add up over the course of your stay. A water bottle is always helpful to have, especially since Coronado can get pretty hot year round, so make sure to stay hydrated!

To make things easier for everyone, Coronado even has designated water bottle refill stations around the island so you can refill as opposed to buying a new bottle every time you run out.


You can get by without one, but a portable charger is always nice to have just in case. It's easy to not pay attention towards your phone battery when venturing around the island all day, and who wants to cut their activities short so you can go charge your phone back at the hotel for a bit? And if you're playing music while at the beach, your battery might drain a bit quicker than it usually would- having a backup never hurts!